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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you find me a driving test cancellation at more than one driving test centre?
The answer is yes, simply put which test centres you want in the order of preference in the test centre box when you go to the Buy now section of our website.

What is the process of finding a driving test cancellation if I book with Short Notice Tests?
Simply book a driving test with the DVSA and then go to 'Buy Now' on our website and fill in your details. Once we receive your details we will instantly start searching for driving test cancellations for you. Once we find a cancellation date we will change your faraway date to the earlier date then text you and ask you to check if your driving instructor can make it. Text back 'Yes' if happy or text back 'No' and we will carry on searching for another date until you say 'Yes'. Don't worry we will only book dates that are changeable if you say 'No'.

How long will it take for Short Notice Tests to find my driving test cancellation?
It normally takes us up to 1 - 7 * days to find your driving test cancellation. * Some test centres may take up to 84 days due to high demands at certain driving test centres.

What happens if you find a driving test cancellation and my instructor says they can't make it?
No problem just text back 'NO' and we will carry on searching for the next driving test cancellation until we find you a cancellation date that you and your driving instructor are happy with. Once you confirm 'YES' it's final.

How do we find driving test cancellations dates for learners?
We have a 50 + strong team of driving test cancellation finders that will search on your behalf every second of the day and night from 6am till 11:40pm and will not be beaten by anyone else searching at your driving test centre for cancellations.

Does Short Notice Tests.com have a secure website?
Yes our website is fully secure look up top in the address bar and see the https and the secure lock symbol 🔒. We are also McAfee secure and verified by them. (See bottom right)

Do you deal with instructors or learner drivers only?
We deal with driving instructors too and can offer you a great one to one service. Find out more here.

How do I get a refund if you haven't found me a test?
Simply contact us by Email or text back to the number that texted you when you first registered with your details and ask for a refund.