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Driving Instructors

Driving Instructors' we would love to hear from you if you are interested in finding driving test cancellations for your learner drivers. We offer an unrivalled 5 star rated service that is the very best out there. We have a number of agreements with Driving Instructors' in the U.K that are very satisfied with our 5 star service.

We do own a driving school that we run separately from Short Notice Tests. So we fully understand how Driving Instructors' and driving schools work which means we are on the same wave length as you. And if you are looking for a driving instructors franchise we may have the perfect one for you with a franchise of £42 per week.

You can simply register your learners for driving test cancellations with us and we will contact you directly. Or you can get your learners to register directly and your learners can let us know what your requirements are. If you call us you will be allocated the same cancellations manager who will liaise with you on a one to one basis. Our cancellations manager will get to know whether you like tests at particular times or what early or late times to avoid. We will always do our best to provide you with the best timings that fit in to your teaching diary.

We have been around for over 10 years now and have collated a lot of figures of when driving test cancellations are due to be released and what may come up as driving test cancellations in the future. We never book any dates that are for tomorrow or the day after, but if you are after dates like that we can help. In these instances we may need to call you or your learner first to confirm that they can make dates as these dates can't be cancelled when booked.

The dates we can find are dates that fall from the day after the 10th working day after your learner has failed. The DVSA have a grace period after you fail a driving test of waiting for 10 working days before you can take a driving test again. This does not meant that your learner can't book a faraway driving test date so that we can start searching for them. We always aim to get the earliest driving test cancellation but we quote within a 12 day bracket after the 10 day grace period.

Please note DVSA working days are from Monday to Saturday, and if there is any bank or public holidays you must add these extra days as non-working days.

We exist to make your working life simpler so that you can get your learners on test. We understand that you or your learners might not have the time to sit there all day and night to find a driving test cancellation that if they do find might not fit in to your diary. Leave it to our specialist driving test cancellations agency. With our 50 + strong driving test cancellation finders we cannot be beaten.

Call us on : 0208 500 3850 for further information on Driving Test Cancellations.

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