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How To Find Driving Test Cancellations For Free

So you want to find driving test cancellations for free?

First you need to have a driving test booking with the DVSA

In reality when you book your practical driving test appointment, you will find that practical driving test appointments are more than 6 weeks away in most of your local driving test centres where you have been learning to drive!

Your driving instructor has told you that you are ready to take your practical driving test exam now and should book your driving test ASAP! If you've failed your driving test can you imagine having to wait that long or even longer for your next driving test and you only have two years to pass your driving test before your theory test expires!

What do you do? Wait for 6 weeks? Spend more money taking driving lessons until your driving test day? Keep taking driving lessons even though you're ready now?

There must be something you can do to get an earlier driving test?

Not many learners are aware of this, you can get an earlier driving test cancellation for free. How? I hear you ask....

Well, to explain how this works, you must be aware of the simple fact that you are allowed to cancel or change your driving test once you've booked it, you're not stuck with the driving test date you originally booked. "Where can I see these driving test cancellations for free?" I hear you ask...

This is how to get an early driving test cancellation for free...
You can move your driving test appointment to an earlier driving test date or later date and also change the practical driving test centre you take your test at all for free. Yes that's right, you can do it for free!

Login to the DVSA website with the details of your driving test booking to view your booking details, click on 'change' next to date and time of test or click on 'change' next to test centre. Simply follow the instructions.

how to find driving test cancellations

Hopefully you will find driving test cancellations for free and time slots you are looking for. You may have to sit there for hours and hours and days for a free driving test cancellation to come up which might not fit in to your instructors diary. Read on to see other options to get driving test cancellations that could be very valuable and time saving to you.

Checking for driving test cancellations for free between 6am to 11:40pm is a long time to be sitting in front of your computer. You might miss the perfect driving test cancellation date for you if you are distracted or have to go to work.

Your chances of getting a fast track driving test cancellation for free may be reduced because you have other commitments. Remember, other people are also searching driving test cancellations too same as you. They may click on the cancellation test before you and you've missed out and keep missing out.

You can try another way to find driving test cancellations. Shortnoticetests.com is a website that can find driving test cancellations for £15.

Short Notice Tests work around the clock to find driving test cancellations for learner drivers in desperate need of a solution to getting driving test cancellations quick!

Shortnoticetests.com is a driving test cancellation checker that is the best and fastest way to get an earlier driving test without all the hours spent sitting infront of your computer or phone. We have a very high success rate and are worth every penny according to our 5 star customer reviews.

If you don't have the time to search for driving test cancellations for free then it is worth trying Short Notice Tests, we offer a full refund too if there are no suitable driving test cancellations or if we don't find a driving test cancellation that you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions That People Also Ask

Is there a cancellation list for driving tests?

Answer: The Dvsa does not have a cancellation list for driving tests, but Short Notice Tests does have a cancellation list for driving tests. Simply fill in our online form and get on our cancellation list for driving test.

Can you cancel a driving test?

Answer: Yes you can cancel a driving test, as long as you give 3 clear working days notice to the DVSA. You can cancel a driving test online or on the telephone on 0300 200 1122 with the DVSA.

How can I take a quick driving test?

Yes you can take a quick driving test by finding driving test cancellations through our quick driving test finding agency. Simply give us a call on 0208 500 3850 for more information on how you can take a quick driving test.

How many times can you change your driving test?

You can change your driving test up to 6 times and then you will need to cancel your test and rebook another test before you can change your driving test again up to 6 times.

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