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 Call us now on our Helpline 02082207402 or 07931397397 To book your early driving test cancellation or Click Here to book an earlier driving test date or cancellations driving test. We guarantee to get you an earlier driving test date or we will give you a FULL refund.  We are the original short notice tests service for early practical driving tests and driving test cancellations. 


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Official practical driving test costs £62 at www.gov.uk
Short Notice Tests is not associated or affiliated with the Driving Standards Agency.
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We specialise in finding earlier driving test dates for learners who need them. Book DSA Cancellations with Short Notice Test.com. 100% Guaranteed. Please note: We are not affiliated with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) (DVSA). 

We have been established for seven years now. We are the original driving test cancellation checkers. Our Team of over 50+ staff offers a one to one service and will call/text you when we find an early driving test date for you. We are unbeatable when it comes to getting you an early driving test date fast.   We do it all for you there is no need for you to sit in front of your computer or download any software on to your PC. Simply submit your details to us and pay a fee of £30 and we do the rest for you. You can call us if you have any questions unlike other driving test finder websites we are aways there to speak to if you need advice. Anyone who needs driving test cancellations knows what a waste of time waiting for months and month for a driving test date in your local driving test centre is, its a waste of time and a waste of money. We can get you an early driving test cancellation that you and your driving instructor are happy and available to do. WE 100% GUARANTEE IT or give you a full refund.
We only charge £30 to find you an early driving test date in your chosen practical driving test centre. You can book your driving test with the governments Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for £62 on www.gov.uk  . If you need an earlier driving test date than what the DSA have provided you with you can check or change your date with the DSA for free. If you do not have the time to do this and need an alternative, you can use our early driving test cancellations service for £30. We guarantee to get you and early driving test in a driving test centre of your choice or your money back. We are also registered with the information commissioners office (IOC) and will treat personal information strictly privately in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. (please see t&cs for further info)

Change Driving Test: We offer this service to: Learners, Driving Schools and Driving Instructors.

If your theory test is expiring soon, or you have failed your driving exam and do not want to wait around for months to get another driving test... We can help. We will also call your driving instructor or use there ADI number to check they are available for your driving test date if you want us to. It's your choice which test centre you want and which driving test date you can do.  

Nikki from London: 'You made me one happy person, I will be recommending your service to other people who need to change their driving tests to a quick driving test date'.

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'Excellent service! Can't believe how fast it happened! I only joined this morning. I was also with two other driving test cancellation checkers for a week now, shortnoticetests.com was the only company that delivered the early driving test date for me'.

Karen from Chingford: 'I went to another company they claimed they could get me an earlier driving test date and they didn't, they didn't return my calls. I was then recommended to go to shortnoticetests.com and they found my driving test date within two days. Money well spent'.

George from Barking: 'Thank you so much. If I fail my driving test I know who to contact again. I am so happy with your service thank you shortnoticetests.com'.

Sonia from London: 'Thank you shortnoticetests.com for your speedy action in getting me a quick driving test date...Much appreciated as my theory test is about to expire'.

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Thania: 'Thanks for finding my early driving test date. I passed my practical test!'.

You too can get a fast track early driving test date with us.


We charge £30 to find a driving test date for you. You need to give us your Provisional licence driving number and theory number and pay the driving test finding fee and we do the rest.

You must book a practical driving test with the governments Driving standards agency then we will do the rest. Click here: Book practical driving test with the DSA and then Click here: to Book an earlier practical driving test with us shortnoticetests.com . We guarantee that we can find an earlier driving test date or your money back guarantee.


A Class Learners.com Ltd, shortnoticetests.com ARE registered with the ICO and will treat personal information in accordance with The Data Protection Act of 1998.
We don't sell you any software. Our team simply finds you a driving test and call or text you to confirm you can do it. If you have any queries or concerns then call us 02082207402 or 07931 397 397, You will be able to speak to someone unlike other companies that offer this change driving test service. 


If you are looking for an earlier driving test date than what you already have, WE CAN HELP


If you are a driving school, driving instructor or learner and need an earlier driving test date because you have failed and don't want to wait for 3 months or your theory runs out very soon or you just want an earlier driving test, WE CAN HELP.


If you are a driving instructor and need your learner to get an earlier driving test date then call us.  WE CAN HELP. Check , Change , and Cancel your DSA driving test with us.

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